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Saint Pablo Tour -

Saint Pablo Tour

Saint Pablo Tour
1Wyldr Heidi Cream Faux Fur Jacket, LuLus.com
2Rib Detail Sleevless Mini Dress Nude, MissGuided.com
3Nude Fishnet Tights, Hue.com
4Anushka Knit Ankle Boot With Wooden Heel In Beige, Ego.co.uk


Chicago, IL 

Friday October 8th I made my way to Chicago for the Saint Pablo tour, the concert was Saturday Night at the AllState Arena, and by Sunday morning I was back in Los Angeles.

I tried to plan this outfit a couple months in advance but it really didn’t all come together until last minute. The main inspiration for this outfit was a fur coat, so everything else was planned around that. I didn’t find a fur coat until a week out from the concert because it HAD to be white or cream, and it HAD to look exactly like this one.

Once I received the coat, and was able to see exactly what color it was, I rush ordered this dress, and these fishnet tights. It was cutting it close to say the least.

I also collaborated with Australian stylist @styledbychlo to exchange ideas and help me find pieces for the outfit. Our experience working together was so cool.

Besides all the details on this outfit, the concert was amazing. Both Kanye concerts I’ve gone to, are honestly the best concerts I’ve ever been too. I feel like he has a way of bringing everyone together and bringing out the best in everyone.

 “If you’re a Kanye West fan, you’re not a fan of me, you’re a fan of yourself” -Kanye West






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