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My top 5 products to sleek hair -

My top 5 products to sleek hair

My top 5 products to sleek hair

Sleek hair is very hard to achieve, especially when you have platinum blonde over processed hair like me. After lightening my hair about four times, and lightening my regrowth every four weeks, believe it or not, that is my hair as of this week in the picture above. Below are the actual products I use to keep my hair feeling soft, looking healthy, shiny, and sleek. Please note that these products and their quality can only be guaranteed when bought from a licensed professional at a salon.

First on my list is to have a high quality shampoo and conditioner. I can’t tell you enough how much of a difference this will make. I would recommend buying two sets and switching out between the two every few days, or every other week. One I really like to use is the Beth Minardi System 3 Nourishing Wash and After Wash. A good shampoo and conditioner is honestly where good looking hair starts.



Next on my list is a really good hair mask. I have tried so many and this Morocanoil Intense Hydrating mask is honestly life changing! It will leave your hair the softest it has ever been. I put it on in the shower and leave it for a few minutes, or I will put it on in the shower, clip my hair up and come back and rinse it 30 minutes to an hour later for extra conditioning.



After getting out of the shower, I like to put this its’ a 10 miracle leave-in potion. This product has a protein in it called Keratin, which is a protein that forms the main structure of hair. When you’re hair starts to become dry and brittle, that is because the keratin that makes up your hair is being pushed to great lengths. This is could be from constantly¬†color processing your hair, over processing your hair, using excessive heat, or temperatures that are too high. I put this on wet to damp hair, and blow dry my hair straight. This product will seriously makes the biggest difference in how straight and smooth you can get your hair when blowdrying and straightening it.


Before I straighten my hair I really love to use this Morocanoil heat styling protector. I have used several heat protectors, but never felt like any of them do much for my hair, but with this one you can actually see the difference. I spritz a little bit on each section before running the straightener over it, and it leaves the hair so soft and smooth.


Lastly, I love a good shine serum. This is a great way to get that extra shine and sleekness to your hair. This one by Kenra has been my favorite so far, a lot of oil have a yellow tint to them, which I feel like can leave your hair looking dingy sometimes. Especially if you have platinum blonde hair, you show avoid any product that has a yellow tint to it. I use about a pea sized about to smooth down fly aways, and then another pea size to dime size amount to run through my hair midlenghtns to ends


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