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Relive the AMA's -

Relive the AMA’s

Relive the AMA’s

November 23, 2015
Los Angeles, CA

The American Music Awards are held in Downtown Los Angeles at the Microsoft Theatre. This was the fourth year my brother and I have attended the AMA’s, crazy!! This year was extra special because we got to walk the red carpet. Never did I think I would be doing that in 2015!

I always start looking for what I am going to wear a couple months out, I’m literally crazy when deciding on what to wear. I wore black dresses the past two years, so my goal was to not wear black. I ended up finding and ordering this dress from a company in the UK.

Funny story… you all should of seen my brother, Marie, and I trying to zip this dress! Something was wrong with the zipper and it would NOT zip! I think Marie was about ready to pull out a needle and thread from our school supplies and sew me in lol! We were putting wax on the zipper and everything to make it work! Finally somehow we got it to work, why does there always have to be wardrobe malfunctions at times like this?!

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